Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Sacramento Chapter Goals:

The Sacramento Chapter is committed to serving our membership through the following Chapter Goals, in addition to the National APWA mission:

1. Increase interest and participation of the membership, including members located outside of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

2. Provide opportunities for service to the community.

3. Increase public awareness of public works and APWA.

4. Promote and expand the Education Endowment Fund.

5. Recruit new members to (a) promote a balance between the public sector and private sector membership, (b) maintain an influx of younger members and those new to the profession, and (c) support growth of the organization.

6. Enhance the value of membership in the Chapter.

7. Develop educational opportunities and programs for improving the Public Works workforce.

8. Organize activities for members that provide information, knowledge and networking/social opportunities.

9. Strengthen the Chapter’s Financial Position.

APWA National Mission:

Based on our shared understanding of why APWA exists and what strategically differentiates our association, National APWA has identified the following strategic priorities to help achieve our five-year, 2014 vision. We believe that continuing to advocate for public works is fundamental to our success in the identified initiatives.

1. Grow and strengthen membership

2. Utilize technology to better engage and serve members where they live and work

3. Offer an integrated and comprehensive approach to professional development and education

4. Support and strengthen chapters

5. Continue developing the preeminent center for sustainability

6. Expand and strengthen apwa’s international role

7. Ensure APWA’s future sustainability

We will use these longer-term strategic initiatives as a roadmap and filter to help identify those programs and action items that represent the right next steps to fulfilling our vision for the future of APWA. We will continue to engage in an ongoing strategic dialogue, at all levels of our organization, to ensure that we prioritize and allocate all of our resources – human (volunteer and staff), material, and financial – to achieve our long-term shared vision.


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